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For over 125 years, Seiko has been committed to the art and science of time. Founder Kintaro Hattori had a vision, a consuming passion for excellence that today is represented in a culture of innovation that connects a 19th century Tokyo clock shop with 20th century advances in watchmaking that would transform the principles of timekeeping forever. From the introduction of the first quartz wristwatch as well as the first multifunction digital watch, the first spring dive watch, to the invention of the kinetic technology, Seiko continues to lead the path to innovation with a heritage of dedication to the art and science of time. Seiko unparalleled Quality, style and accuracy makes them a favorite official timekeeper of many sporting events around the world including numerous Summer and Winter Olympic games. An investment in a Seiko means you will own a watch of the highest quality that is both durable and stylish.

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Seiko's history

The first watches produced under the name Seiko brand were released in 1924. In 1969, Seiko introduced the Astron, the world's first quartz watch and the first quartz chronograph.
All Seiko wristwatches were at one time produced in-house. Today watch movements and parts are made by Seiko Instruments and Seiko Epson and their subsidiaries in China, Malaysia and Singapore. Luxury watches are still produced in-house in japan.
Because of their unique style, Seiko mechanical watches are highly prized by collectors: from the Seiko 5 series to the highly priced luxury lines and diving watches.

Seiko watches online;

Our collection

No self-respecting watch retailer or jewellers can afford to leave Seiko out of their collection. The Japanese brand has been a fixture for over 130 years with good quality reliable watches in a wide range of models and price ranges.

Seiko Ladies watches

Our Seiko ladies watch collection is classic, stylish and feminine. Seiko’s world famous reliability for an affordable price guarantees years of wearing pleasure.

Seiko gents watches

Our Seiko gent’s watch collection ranges from classic everyday dress watches to sporty chronographs. We also stock a wide range of solar watches and kinetic watches from the luxury Seiko Premier range.

Seiko Astron:

Everything you always wanted in a watch

Once a day the Seiko Astron automatically receives a time signal from the atomic clock after which it sets the hands to the correct local time. The wearer can also set the watch manually. With the push of one single button, the Astron connects with four or more GPS satellites. In this way, the watch determines the wearer’s position on earth - and thus the time zone. The Seiko Astron is charged by a solar dial, which can convert virtually all forms of light into energy. And thanks to the perpetual calendarfeature the Seiko Astron will correctly display the correct date up to February 2100.

Seiko Kinetic watches

Combining the high precision of quartz with the security of no-battery-change technology, the battery in Seiko kinetic watchesis powered by the wearer's movement. The design of the Seiko kinetic collection juxtaposes classic looks with modern technology.

Seiko Sportura watches:

Accuracy and style for top athletes

The Seiko Sportura watchrange is the result of over fifty years of Seiko innovation. From big-calendar chronographs for sports timing, and from Kinetic Direct Drive to mechanical watches for women, Seiko Sportura watches are the pinnacle in stylish modern sports watches.

Seiko Prospex watches:

Serious watches for serious sport

From the first diver’s watch released in 1965 the Seiko Prospex watch collection encompasses all high performance activities in a comprehensive watch range. Seiko Prospex watches are made for professional divers, pilots and adverturers with the Prospex Sea, Sky and Landwatches.

Seiko 5:

A Seiko watch with 5 unique selling point

In 1963 Seiko introduced the Sportsmatic 5. Rugged, dependable and unique, Seiko Sportsmatic 5 instantly made its mark, and became the benchmark for the Seiko 5 watch range. A watch with five unique selling points: automatic, shock resistant, water resistant, sunken crown and with a day/date window.

Masters In Time official dealer Seiko watches

Masters In Time is official dealer of Seiko watches, Masters In Time therefore sells only original Seiko watches, with full warranty of the watch brand itself. All Seiko watches on Masters In Time are in stock. The watch you order will be shipped on working days.